Gemstone: Homebirth for Doulas

This masterclass workshop led by home birth midwife Juli Tilsner, LM, CPM will prepare you for the very special experience of attending an unmedicated birth at home, and will provide you with home birth specific labor techniques, as well as tool for working with midwives and hospital birth transfers. 

This masterclass is closed captioned.

"I am a Midwife who owns a freestanding birth center and attends births in the community, both home and birth center.

Tons of new doulas have been contacting me, wanting to get hands on experience at my birth center, and I’ve been requiring your Home Birth for Doulas course as a prerequisite before I help doulas get hands on experience.

I love what the doulas are taking away from your course!

I believe that doulas and community midwives can work together. Home Birth for Doulas helps to bridge the gap for a doula’s training—in which most trainings focus mostly on hospital birth. This course helps our Doulas understand the energetic and dynamic differences in the out-of-hospital environment, and I highly recommend it for birth workers wanting to assist out of hospital births."

Erin Murphy, CPM, LM Queen City Birth Services

Two masc presenting people sit together shirtless, one holding their newborn baby skin to skin with a blanket over them, the other gazing lovingly at the baby over his partner's shoulder.