Navigating This Course

Welcome to our Labor & Birth Doula Training. We are so honored to be trusted with your education. You are needed.

Please take care of yourself while taking this training. Make sure you take breaks to digest all of this deeply important information. We are always here for you - you are now a member of our community. Please reach out through email: [email protected], by phone at (510) 501-7868, or through the comments section in these modules whenever you have questions or need some support.

If you plan to become certified, please download our certification packet here to get started on your requirements.


OUR MISSION is to organize and activate a radically inclusive community of Doulas and Birthkeepers to provide full spectrum C.A.R.E. to all. Cornerstone Doulas and Birthkeepers champion equitable access to safe, supported and dignified care for all communities throughout the reproductive lifespan. Our collective C.A.R.E. is focused on closing gaps in disparate maternal and infant health outcomes, increasing reproductive health equity and creating positive change in all reproductive health outcomes — and as a result, our society at large.

Cornerstone Doulas & Birthkeepers C.A.R.E:

C: Care, Connection, Community.

A: Authenticity, Access, Advocacy.

R: Relevant, Reliable, Reputable.

E: Excellence, Expertise, Equity.