Nickie and Juli Tilsner stand in front of a colorful mural that says "Power to the people". They are smiling, Juli's hand is on Nickie's arm, and Nickie is looking to the right.

Welcome to our virtual classroom.

We're so glad you're here. Cornerstone is a collaborative, educational community hub that provides full spectrum, intersectional doula and birthworker trainings rooted in harm reduction, inclusivity and reproductive justice. Our programming supports birthworkers and careworkers to serve their communities in every transition throughout their lives.

Our courses:

We know that resilience and community support must be centered in all care given to people accessing reproductive healthcare. This cannot happen without equitable access to birthworkers and carers who are trained within a rights-based, intersectional and anti-oppression framework. 

Become a Cornerstone birthworker. Show up, rise up, level up!

All photos by Natalie Broders